Zeta Scientific Sdn Bhd focuses to provide the best service in supplying products to the customers from beginning to end, with a fast, friendly and high quality delivery and services. Zeta Scientific Sdn Bhd knows the important of after-sales service. Due to that, we are concern on continuous improvement programs to improve the quality of our services. Our goal is to reduce customer loss due to equipment damaged supplied by us. We realize the key to achieve the goals is by handling the laboratory machinery and equipment properly and prevent damage to the equipment.



Zeta Scientific Sdn Bhd goal is to provide the customer with honest service by satisfying customer needs with a quality product. We working in a variety of sources and committed to achieve our mission by :

  1. Using the latest technology and systems to manage and execute quality projects.
  2. Strive to provide high returns and benefits to all employees on par or above the level of the market.
  3. Implementing the projects entrusted with efficiency and excellence in meeting customer requirements.
  4. Adopt a trustworthy, professional and productive teamwork.